Spirit Lake Pictures

director / cinematographer / writer / producer

Spending his formative years living in Saudi Arabia, Noland has had the unique opportunity to grow up traveling the world and observing cultures from different perspectives.

In 2006 Noland's directorial debut film Americano starring Dennis Hopper and Joshua Jackson was released to critical acclaim. The Los Angeles Times declared Americano "A Natural Beauty" and the Hollywood Reporter called it "Stunning!" 

Noland brings his cinematic sensibilities to his commercial work - since the release of Americano, he began directing commercials and has been quickly recognized by the advertising community - the Lockheed Martin long form commercial he directed "Intense Simplicities" won the gold medal at New York Festivals and two Emmy Awards.

Noland is currently shooting a documentary feature in Haiti, Cup of Cool Water. The story follows an ambitious young Haitian kid (from age 12 to 22) who fights to make a movie about the real Haiti.